Not just my love for sewing

I’ll be sharing my love for gardening here and knitting too! ย I have so many hobbies I love it’s hard not to share. ย Mostly, I’ll be happy to have a place to come back and look upon my garden year in review. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย 

We broke ground this weekend in our garden. ย I have to extend the plot space to help with staggering crop and circulation from weeds. ย Can you tell that gardening is just my lil science experiment? ย 

I have seeds on the way for so many lovely veggies! ย A rainbow crop of carrots and parisian carrtos, ‘purple beauty‘ sweet peppers, ‘dwarf grey sweet peas‘, ‘trionfo violetto‘ pole beans, a mix of lettuce (for us and our rabbits), spinach, and white cherry tomatoes. ย We’ll have a bumper crop of other tomatoes too once I find the right ones. ย My mom always grows ‘big boys‘.ย 

My not-so-little brother was helping us out, but I don’t think it’s really his thing until plants are there and he can eat them.